Discover Amsterdam and the Netherlands

A private, personalized guided tour is one of the best ways to explore Amsterdam and the Netherlands in a way specifically designed to meet your needs and not necessarily to stick to what the guide books dictate. Discover for yourself the beautiful city of Amsterdam, its museums, canals, gardens, breweries, churches, as well as the Dutch countryside, replete with harbors, lakes, dykes, villages, cathedrals, historic bridges as much, much more. Amsterdam Private Tours will take you off the beaten track and show the best of what there is to see!

  • We had the most amazing trip in Amsterdam thanks to you. There is no question the trip far exceeded our expectation. Thank you!

    Mary Templeton
  • Everything was absolutely amazing and all of the details were just perfect. You made the entire trip just effortless! The best trip i’ve ever had.

    Antti Kosonen
  • Thank you for the marvelous trip you arranged in Amsterdam. We could never have put together such a well-planned visit by ourselves. Amazing!

    Lisa Blackwood